Our Worship Arts Program focuses on training students and raising up leaders to serve Christ in His church and at school functions—mainly Chapel. It is an elective course open to high school students, training them in the study of worship, musical instrumentation, service planning, and modern technology. Students in the Worship Arts Class (WAC) design and run weekly, student-led Chapel services through leading worship, preaching, booking dynamic guest speakers, creating captivating videos, and performing moving skits for their peers. Pat Golightly, the RCS Spiritual Life Director, directs the program and teaches Worship Arts.

The Worship Arts Program started in 2015 as a concentrated effort by RCS Administration to develop a culture of worship amongst our student body. In the big picture, it’s so exciting because we are not just training students to play better or plan a Chapel better. We’re training them to be life-long worshippers of the King and what that really means.

Byron Trimble Former Leader of RCS Worship Team