The goal of our Speech elective is to learn how to communicate in a clear, concise and compelling way for the Glory of the Lord.  We believe this skill sets students apart in everything they do whether that be in academics, the workplace or in personal relationships.  In Speech, students learn the building blocks of communication; developing their speaking as well as listening skills.

Students learn how to prepare and present speeches to Introduce, Inform, Persuade, and Demonstrate.  They learn how to choose topics and adapt them to a specific audience. They study how to create multimedia aids in presentations so that they are credible in today’s digital world. And, finally, they spend a great deal of time developing their delivery skills in order to bring life to a message and hold the attention of their audience.  Although many students begin the semester with great apprehension about public speaking, by the end of the semester, the overwhelming majority have gained tremendous confidence because of the tools they have been given and the many opportunities to practice.

The goal of Speech is to teach students to communicate in a clear, concise and compelling way. No matter what path a student takes in life, excellent communication skills are often what sets them apart and makes them successful. I love teaching Speech because although a majority of students walk into my class that first day thinking ‘they can’t’, they almost all find out that indeed ‘they can’. I love to watch their skills improve over the course of a semester and their confidence grow. My goal is to challenge them to use the voice that God gave them in a way that glorifies Him. I believe that when they do, they have achieved communication success.

~ Staci Henson, RCS Speech teacher