Spiritual Life

Rejoice Christian’s Spiritual Life and Counseling Goals:

The goal of the program is to provide parents and students with helpful tools and resources for spiritual, educational, career, and personal/social development of students.

Spiritual Life and Counseling Resources:

Resources from High School Campus Weekly Newsletters:


Meet Our Spiritual Life and Counseling Team:

Mrs. Lisa Zingerman has a master’s degree in Christian counseling from Oral Robert University and holds lifetime ACSI counseling certificate. She has been involved with Christian education for more than 25 years and is Rejoice Christian Schools’ assistant superintendent and middle and high school principal. Mrs. Zingerman may be contacted at lzingerman@rejoiceschool.com.

Mrs. Pat Golightly is the spiritual life director at Rejoice Christian Schools. Mrs. Golightly organizes middle and high school chapels, meets and counsels with students, and teaches Bible classes at the middle and high school campus. Mrs. Golightly has a bachelor’s degree in recreation administration and a minor in theatre from Oklahoma Baptist University. Mrs. Golightly may be contacted at pgolightly@rejoiceschool.com.

Mrs. Raina Foote is Rejoice Christian Schools’ middle and high school counselor, and she has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social and Behavior Sciences. In 2007, she completed a Master of Education in School Counseling. Mrs. Foote is currently working on a Biblical Counseling Certification. Mrs. Foote may be contacted at rfoote@rejoiceschool.com.

Mrs. Diertra Harris is the Preschool/Elementary School Guidance Counselor for Rejoice Christian Schools. She received her Bachelor of Science from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and Master of Education from the University of Oklahoma.  She has over 17 years of experience, serving as a special education teacher, regular education teacher, and elementary school counselor.  She and her husband, Greg, have two children who have attended Rejoice since their early childhood education. Mrs. Harris may be contacted at dharris@rejoiceschool.com.

Mr. Ryan Golightly serves is the family ministry and children’s pastor at Rejoice Church. Mr. Golightly is known as Pastor Ryan by Rejoice Christian Schools’ preschool and elementary students. In May 2001, he graduated with a marketing degree from Oklahoma Baptist University, and he has served at Rejoice Church for more than 10 years. Mr. Golightly has attended many ministry conferences, including D6, Catalyst, and The Orange Conference. Mr. Golightly may be contacted at rgolightly@rejoicechurch.com.

Mr. Allen Hood is Rejoice Church’s pastor of student ministries. He preaches at Rejoice Christian Schools’ middle and high school chapels. Mr. Hood graduated from Tabernacle Christian School and from the University of Alabama in Birmingham with an engineering degree. Later, he served in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa before serving at Rejoice Church and Rejoice Christian Schools. Mr. Hood may be contacted at ahood@rejoicechurch.com.