Speech and Debate

A one-semester speech and debate class is offered to RCS high school students. The class trains students to view topics from multiple sides and defend their faith while learning the art of speech and debate. At first, many students find it difficult to give speeches to their peers until they find a topic that interests them.

Plus, many RCS students in grades first through sixth have the chance to transform their speaking skills through ACSI Speech Meet competitions. In addition, RCS Middle School Student Council and High School Student Council representatives serve in leadership roles that require the same decision making and debate skills.

The goal of Speech is to teach students to communicate in a clear, concise and compelling way.  No matter what path a student takes in life, excellent communication skills are often what sets them apart and makes them successful.  I love teaching Speech  because although a majority of students walk into my class that first day thinking ‘they can’t’, they almost all find out that indeed ‘they can’.  I love to watch their skills improve over the course of a semester and their confidence grow.  My goal is to challenge them to use the voice that God gave them in a way that glorifies Him.  I believe that when they do, they have achieved communication success. 

~ Staci Henson, RCS Speech teacher